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Efficiently navigating a BMW R18 isn't possible? "It is possible!", according to BMW accessory specialist Wunderlich

As of now, navigation for a BMW R 18 does not have to mean lack of style!

Grafschaft-Ringen, 11.06.2021 (PresseBox) - Where to put the smartphone? Where to put the navigation system? Well, some may say, with superb cruisers like the R 18 First Edition and the Classic, one can only be stylish without a smartphone or sat nav holder. However, for those who travel long distances, don?t like bulging pockets, and don?t want to risk a cracked display, Wunderlich has a briliant solution, and not only from a practical sense. One that is discreet that it perfectly matches the style of the BMW R 18!

The name: ?Universal Device Carrier? makes it unmistakably clear that Wunderlich has developed a versatile basic mount for various smartphones and navigation systems. Smartphones can be securely attached with ease, both with the corresponding adapters of the in-house MULTICLAMP system, and with those of the SP Connect system. For large navigation equipment, the specialists here in Ringen offer the Universal navigation mount for all common navigation systems. This is made possible by the compact cylindrical mount with a length of 59 mm and a diameter of Ĝ 13 mm.

Regardless of whether the Universal device holder is used for the navigation system or the smartphone, it positions the respective device in front of the handlebar clamp in a way that is ergonomically supportive for operating and viewing. The device holder itself is securely screwed to the handlebar clamp. The product is made of high-quality, durable, black powder-coated stainless steel.

The device holder enables relaxed riding and navigation on the BMW R 18. If you do not use it for smartphone or sat nav, it remains discreetly in the background.

Wunderlich manufactures the functionally integrated mounting system ?Made in Germany? and offers it for a price of 59.90 ?. Included is a 5-year warranty.

*Prices may vary from country to country

At a glance:


18900-000 - Wunderlich universal device carrier

Recommended accessories

The following systems can be attached to the Wunderlich ?Equipment Carrier Universal?:

? Wunderlich?s own MULTICLAMP adapter (Item-No.: 45155-402) in combination with the

  MULTICLAMP smartphone holder (Item-No.: 45155-102)

? SP Connect Smartphone System mirror bundle (Item-No.: 45151-0) in combination with

  the SP Connect phone case (or universal interface) (Item-No.: 45150-0)

? Navi mount universal (Item-No.: 21098-000)

Important notice:

Wunderlich?s ?Universal Device Holders? are available for almost all BMW model series

In addition to the described ?Universal Device Holders? for the BMW R 18, Wunderlich offers a large model-specific selection for almost all BMW model series.

An overview of the mentioned selection can be found here.


? Compatible with almost all current attachment systems

? Ergonomically optimal positioning for operation

? Ensures relaxed and safe riding

? Easy and secure assembly on the original handlebar clamp

Technical data

? Material: Stainless steel components, high-quality and precision crafted, black powder coating

? Mounting dimensions of the device holder: length 59 mm, Ĝ 13 mm

Special Features

? Wunderlich premium product. Small series. Hand crafted

? Wunderlich. Functional and integrated design

? 60 days right to return

? Made in Germany

? 5 year warranty

Wunderlich product category

? Ergonomics

? Multimedia

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