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One of our TOPTICA founders, Dr. Wilhelm Kaenders was recognized during this year?s BiOS/Photonics West 2020 for his contributions to the laser world and the company?s community engagement with the SPIE Fellow award.

Dr. Wilhelm Kaenders elected as Fellow of SPIE

Gräfelfing, 14.02.2020 (PresseBox) - David Andrews, President-Elect of SPIE (left), and John Greivenkamp, President of SPIE (right), presented the award to Wilhelm. "Our Fellows represent the technical range, diversity, and ethos of SPIE," notes Chair of the SPIE Fellows Committee and Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems engineer Jeffrey Puschell. "With our 72 new Fellows – including for the second year in a row, a record number of women – we honor the innovative technologies that are being developed across the optics and photonics industry by scientists in academia, industry and government. It's been my pleasure to work with the Nominating Committee to recognize the work of these SPIE Members, and it's my pleasure to recognize each one of them for their cumulative and ongoing professional successes."

"A prestigious recognition not only for me but for the whole company!" says Dr. Wilhelm Kaenders, CTO of TOPTICA Photonics.

Being infected by Cold Atom Physics as a PhD student at the Institute of Quantum Optics in Hannover, and being part of the technology of Prof. Hänsch's group at the Max-Planck-Institute in Garching, Dr. Wilhelm Kaenders started a successful business activity with tunable diode laser technology. "Frequency Division" in the early days and "Frequency Combing" today, have started the Passion of Precision and are still the driving force in TOPTICA's extended scientific product range on its way to mature markets.

Über "TOPTICA Photonics AG":
TOPTICA has been developing and manufacturing high-end laser systems for scientific and industrial applications for 20 years. Our portfolio includes diode lasers, ultrafast fiber lasers, terahertz systems and frequency combs. The systems are used for demanding applications in biophotonics, industrial metrology and quantum technology. TOPTICA is renowned for providing the widest wavelength coverage of diode lasers on the market, providing high-power lasers even at exotic wavelengths.

TOPTICA's employees take pride in developing customized systems. In close collaboration with several universities and institutes, latest scientific discoveries are frequently incorporated into commercial products. With a global distribution network, TOPTICA provides exceptional service worldwide. With 320 employees TOPTICA earned revenue of 74 million Euro in 2019.

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